Jun 15, 2012

A newest Middle East permeation to western internet economy

A newest Middle East permeation to western internet economy

This month while they were talking about first presidency election one of the egyptian business man went wild and handled new purchase when deceived all those interested in internet marketing and free web hosting solutions to buy and established new free blogs services from Egypt
The man who secretive his name till now establish New competitor to google blogs (blogger) and the most smart free blog service (wordpress) via his news service that called Blograins 
And with big investment he do no care about how he will monetize his free blog service (he allow blogers to put their Ads with his pleasant and offer unlimited traffic& bandwidth) and we just asking why?
We know there are many sheiks in United Arab Emirates want to dominate western economy and years before that date they tried to control US ports

Could be this Egyptian business man just a sheiks curtain taking advantage of the Western sympathy with the Egyptian revolution?
It could be and I suggest there is some thing behind this big deal (14 million $) for this company with attractive domain http://www.blograins.com/
Keep posting your feedback and any knowledge about that please 

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