May 17, 2011

Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust (Best Holocaust books review)

Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust (Best Holocaust books review)

This book should be read by everyone that is emtionally mature enough to handle it. I am writing this review as a warning to parents that might purchase this book for a younger child based on the "Reading Level: 9 - 12" rating and the fact that it is a Scholastic book. My 4th grader's teacher recommended this book but I am glad I took a look at it first. Here's an excerpt from the book taking place as one of the children is being smuggled out of a ghetto by her father hiding her under his coat.

The following exchange takes place between the guard and the man ahead of them at the gate:
"Hurry up!" shouted the impatient German guard.
"It's here somewhere. I know it is."
"You don't have a pass, do you?" snarled the guard. "You're trying to sneak out of the ghetto, trying to fool me."
"No really, I have - " The man never finished his sentence. The guard shot him.
Hearing the loud bang, Luncia jerked. Her father wrapped his arms tight around his coat to keep her still, but her whole body trembled uncontrollably. He's going to shoot us all, I know it.

I know that my 4th grader is not ready to read this kind of material but this is an excellent book to be read by everyone that is ready for this type of material. Very well written information that we all should know and never forget.

These are the true-life accounts of nine Jewish boys and girls whose lives spiraled into danger and fear as the Holocaust overtook Europe. In a time of great horror, these children each found a way to make it through the nightmare of war. Some made daring escapes into the unknown, others disguised their true identities, and many witnessed unimaginable horrors. But what they all shared was the unshakable belief in-- and hope for-- survival. Their legacy of courage in the face of hatred will move you, captivate you, and, ultimately, inspire you.

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