May 1, 2011

Russian Cargo Space Ship Ahead of Shuttle Launch

Russian Cargo Space Ship Ahead of Shuttle Launch

This video(included in this article) from the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan where the live launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket. It takes some much-needed supplies to the International Space Station. The craft's loaded with over two and a half tonnes of cargo, for the 6 people currently aboard the ISS. It's mostly essential supplies, like food and fuel for the station. But some of the payload's unique, and even alive. A group of fruit flies - which are considered pests down here on Earth - are being awaited on the ISS for some unique experiments.

The crew will also get a special supply of fungus, which they'll be planting on the outside of the station during a spacewalk. The aim of that experiment is to study how living organisms behave in outer space. To keep the crew entertained, they're being sent a bunch of DVD-films, as well as some personal gifts and letters from their loved ones. 

There are currently 6 people aboard the International Space Station - three Russian cosmonauts, two NASA astronauts and one Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency. It's the 27th expedition to the International Space Station, which has been manned on a permanent basis for over 10 years. Russian Soyuz rockets are the main source of transport to and from orbit. They'll soon be the only source as well - NASA's space shuttles are being grounded for good this summer.

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