Apr 14, 2011

The official story and a little doubt of Flight 93 video

The official story and a little doubt of Flight 93 video
Where is the wreckage from Flight 93
The terrorists used knives and box cutters to commandeer the three airplanes and then crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They also indicated that they had bombs. GTE Airphone calls from the hijacked aircraft indicated that the terrorists, who numbered between three and six on each aircraft, would take control of the aircraft by taking a stewardess or passenger and either threatening, or actually cutting or stabbing them, and then take control of the aircraft when the crew came out to investigate or negotiate. The terrorists then installed their own pilot and herded passengers and crew to the back of the plane.

A fourth jet had also been hijacked, United Airlines Flight 93, with forty-four ppassengers and crew on board. Somewhere near Cleveland, OH, this aircraft turned around and headed for Washington, DC after having been commandeered by more terrorists. The terrorists indicated to the passengers that they planned to crash it into the capitol building.

On board this aircraft, several passengers, after hearing what was occurring, had the chance to call their loved ones on GTE Airphones and discover the other horrific activities of the day. They discovered that other terrorists actually were crashing airliners loaded with passengers into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Investigators reviewing all of the evidence, including the cockpit recording, are now operating under the premise that the passengers made their way 110 feet from the rear of the plane to the cockpit, taking out the hijacker claiming to have the bomb along the way. They then stormed the cockpit. The last transmissions on the cockpit recording picked up the sounds of a struggle, of the crash of dishes, a man’s voice screaming loudly. The hijackers are heard calling to each other to hold the door. One of the passengers yells, “Let’s get them!” and then more crashing and screaming. One hijacker tells his confederates that the end is near. The hijackers hurriedly talk about finishing off the plane as the intensity of the struggle grows, and at this point the plane begins to dive. One of the hijackers cry out, “Allah Akbar!” The cockpit voice recorder picks up more shouting by one of the male passengers. . The hijackers apparently begin to fight among themselves for the controls, demanding, “Give it to me.” ... then silence. ... United Airline Flight 93 had plunged nose first into a field about eighty miles south of Pittsburgh, PA, near Shanksville leaving a crater almost fifty feet deep. Nothing was left except the thousands of small charred pieces of the exploded aircraft for officials to sift through.
Due to the heroic efforts of these few brave Americans, and perhaps due to other causes, that fourth plane never made it to the terrorists intended destination and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of additional lives were spared. In any case, because they did resist and took positive action to fight the terrorists, those passengers are heroes, and represent the true spirit of America when faced with such trials.
This was the official story (read more in the source)

Otherwise there is little doubt that the passengers on Flight 93 became aware that their hijacked plane was likely to be used as a terrorist's weapon. The numerous heart-wrenching, last-minute calls are evidence of the passenger's knowledge of the hijacker's intentions and the subsequent passenger plan to overthrow the hijackers.

The courageous acts of the Flight 93 passengers represent a remarkable story of human bravery.
However, there remain some lingering doubts as to the final minutes of Flight 93.
Why is the FAA withholding the release of portions of the black box recordings? On December 7, 2001, on CNN's Larry King Live, several Flight 93 family members expressed their frustration at attempts to hear the unreleased portions of the Flight 93 cockpit tapes.
Why are there no known pictures of the Flight 93 wreckage? The only pictures available of the crash site show rescue workers peering into a crater, but there is no wreckage to be seen.
Why was the FBI still considering evidence that Flight 93 was shot down several days after the crash?
Why did several eye-witnesses report seeing a fireball in the sky? Witnesses also say that pieces of the Flight 93 plane were found as far away as eight miles from the impact crater. How could parts of the plane be eight miles away if the plane was intact prior to crashing into a Pennsylvania field?

The force of a high speed, nose-diving jet impacting from thousands of feet above is likely the cause of the tiny fragmented wreckage, and it is likely the wind carried the crash debris great distances. However, there remains a degree of uncertainty as to the many unanswered questions surrounding Flight 93.

Questions also remain as to the intended target of the four Flight 93 hijackers. It is apparent that Washington was the likely city, but where in Washington may only be known by the dead hijackers. Speculation is the hijackers were targeting key U.S. leaders by striking at either the White House, Capitol Hill, or at Camp David.

In the weeks following the hijacking of Flight 93, U.S. President George W. Bush has indicated several times that he would not hesitate in giving the orders to shoot down a commercial aircraft that was a known threat. (Read more in source site)
This is the doubt and the official story of Flight93 tragedy and here is a video about the Flight93 tragedy 

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