Mar 27, 2011

Is that true: the Political conspiracy between UK and Qatar to control our world?

Is that true: the Political conspiracy between UK and Qatar to control our world?
What I read was very amazing and very scary that if UK did that deal with Qatar and other Muslim regimes that will mean one thing: democracy hade gone
Sure we don’t like to force our women to put a veil over their head because of Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani like this and other wise the holy Muslim book law is not what we prefer
Why I think what I read is important? I am not conspiracy theory man but I know some thing: money talks …and in this case we have to remember that UK sold many historical places in London to Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani  and we all knows the great cooperate between  Al Jazeera ( the most famous arab news channel ) and BBC

Now I will just hi lighted some things I read in this site (west leaks) and sure I know there usually democracy nations have many political persons may do any thing for their personal benefit

Now this is the hi lighted

the “number of arrested terrorism suspects in 2008” or the “number of failed, foiled or successful attacks in 2006, 2007 and 2008”, which aids the UK in hiding the true figures

Why the UK has set up an organization called The Group?

What is the SAC programmes?

What is the Anglo-American strategy to keep Europe within the fold and under the leadership of the US and what is the UK and Qatar alternative planes?

Who was behind are equalization paranoid about the Islamic fundamentalist threat and upcoming social unrest get free intelligence and an instrument for stifling political challengers?

How Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and his cohorts control all the wealth and have unrestricted power to do as they please, and where 1.2 million foreigners are treated no better than indentured slaves

With the Western media co-opted to cover up the existence of the spy program, Al Jazeera would have been the most likely media channel to expose it?

How is The Islamic fundamentalists have robbed us of our sense of safety while capitalism’s censors have robbed us of our fundamental rights

Tomorrow they will posts in forum discussions to announce that tomorrow he will blow up Big Ben

How Muslims will increasingly its immigrants and of its disaffected native population?

Today’s Gestapo is Britain’s OSCT, its Office of Security and Counter Terrorism. National Socialism was the ideology of the persecutors then, and their objective a 1000 year 3rd Reich. Free market capitalism is the ideology of the persecutors now

Now I invite all of you to read this article in this site (west leaks-click here to visit it) and please feed back about those scary things …is that possible or not? 

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