Dec 10, 2010

Marilyn Monroe's death the full story and full imagines

May 19th 1962, President John F. Kennedy celebrated his birthday in public, at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. At the party full of celebrities, more than 15,000 people had seen Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK
4th 1962 the first sex symbol of the world Marilyn Monroe was dead, naked between silk sheets

Some have always felt that the suicide of Marilyn was too “clean” and happened just in time. JFK, Robert F. Kennedy, Mafia, CIA and FBI – all had reasons to wish her to be reduced to silence, once and for all. The best method for a crime not to be found is to make it look like either an accident or a suicide.
The most important facts we knows that CIA and FBI had kept her under surveillance. They had considered her a possible threat to the national safety because of she knew things which could be turned into a possible threat to the national security. It is not known if she had known that the Agency used the Mafia to try to expel Castro and to blackmail other heads of state, but it’s clear that the CIA was interested in this as clear as the ability of agents to commit a discreet murder.
Otherwise various members of the Mafia, including Sam Giancana, Monroe knew things that could destroy the most powerful people in the U.S. When she had not been in need anymore, with the end of the Robert F. Kennedy affair, it is possible that the Mafia had seen her just as a dangerous spy that needed to be removed.

According to Marilyn's neighbors, a man matching the description of Bobby Kennedy arrived at Marilyn's that afternoon. Hollywood detective Fred Otash claims that, Marilyn and Bobby had a violent argument and at the end of the argument Marilyn ordered Bobby out of her house.
After this afternoon visit by Bobby, Marilyn's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, arrived for a 90 minute session

By 5:30 P.M, Greenson left. At this stage only Marilyn and her housekeeper Eunice Murray were in the house. But the important things that during the afternoon Marilyn talked to several people on the phone and none of them believed she was depressed or on drugs but at 4:25 A.M The first call from Monroe's house to the outside world came and Police sergeant Jack Clemmons took the call. It was Dr. Ralph Greenson who was so agitated that Clemmons couldn't understand him. "Marilyn Monroe is dead," the psychiatrist said, "she just committed suicide."

Marilyn was lying face down and her legs were stretched out perfectly straight
the autopsy brought this fact to light that her stomach was empty - aside from the grapefruit she had had that morning. The only way she could have died was by an enema.
Now we have one fact: Marilyn is died …this is the only fact we are sure but no more facts about how or why and in case some one killed her we also don’t know the small fact about (who)

Who? We know some thing amazing about Marilyn; she tried to blackmail RFK to continue their relationship
Also we know that  J. Edgard Hoover, the FBI chief, was not a friend of the Kennedy family. However, as a true patriot as he called himself, he might have been happy to solve their problems with the Marilyn Monroe death in order to save the nation from a scandal. Once the arrangements for her death were made, he could control the Kennedy brothers by forcing them to maintain him as chief of the Bureau, which became effectively his own private police department.

But we have to notice that in August of 1962, Monroe was an alcoholic and had mental problems during that stage of her life. if this was an accidental overdose of drugs , it is possible to be murdered ,it is possible to be suicide and may be it was just overdose accidental but any how the scandal of sex relation between cinema stars and political men in USA was just started and will be continued   

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Anonymous said...

i Think RFK && J. Edgard Hoover killed her & made it seem like an accident so dhat she wouldnt say anithing dhat she knew about them & the Mafia .

sydneyla said...

Marilyn was killed by the mongrels who were in charge in Hollywood and Washington and who used and abused this sweet girl. May they rot in Hell forever.

KEDSSY said...

Marilyn was invovled with tooo many political and powerful men. And her sex parties made things worse! Not to mention she knew about all of these men's dirty laundry, so she was a walking liability. Of course she was murdered!!

peggy said...

She knew enough about some of the most powerful men on the planet. After reading the interview with her hairdresser and his nephew I am convinced that it was murder. She knew too much and could have used it for her own good.

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