Dec 18, 2010

Julian Assange and condom use: is this is the matter?

Swedish woman accusing WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange of sexual assault said that Julian Assange like sex violent and she tested it her self
Otherwise she focused in some thing amazing for her and this thing is:
Assange's alleged reluctance to use a condom with her while she was asleep.
The woman talked about some thin more amazing that Assange refused to take an STD test. But by the time he agreed to being tested

Assange supporters who believe the claims are bogus said the encounters seemed consensual and the women showed little evidence of being victims
attended the seminar with Assange the day after the woman had sex that she later told police and friends was uncomfortable, aggressive and involved a condom that she accused Assange of breaking deliberately but she threw a party for him and let him stay the week in her apartment.

The other woman accusing Julian Assange of sexual assault Miss W. cooked breakfast for Assange after an encounter that now forms the basis of the most serious charge against him: rape.
In fact we we are trying to belive what  Miss W. says in the police documents that she had gotten up early and then returned to bed with Assange. She fell asleep and when she woke up, she said he was having sex with her without a condom.
But what is the truth in all of that? Many of us said that this sex scandal is the other side effect of what Julian Assange leaked in his site but anyhow we have to wait maybe for long time before we know what happened and in this time many looks like Julian Assange will be on the internet with site or blogs and they also will leaked some thing but the 2 Swedish women will not the way this time to punish all of coming Assanges 

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