Dec 24, 2010

Google Empire stronger than any government on the world

Google is still the largest source of outside traffic. Search drives views. But the second largest source of traffic is not another search engine but It is now Facebook.
Facebook shares accounted for 9.6 percent of online video traffic and inother hands we have a nice fact: viewers coming from Twitter watch longer on average than people coming from either Facebook or search but people coming from Facebook watch longer on magazine and newspaper sites
Google still beats both for time spent watching videos on newspaper sites that makes sense since people go to Google looking for timely information, so they are more likely to watch a news video for a longer period
Anyhow Google with his empire still means (the net) and other services acts like just an alternative things now and if we believes in (Google me) –some one called it: face book killer, so that will mean Google is the most biggest empire in the history with millions of visitors and users make its internet travel by Google search engine results and with this imagine we can say that Google looks like a king with a millions of fans over the world ,that makes Google more stronger than many nations governments    

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