Nov 11, 2010

ABOUT U k sexual facts

ABOUT U k sexual facts

Black men in Britain have nine times as many lovers during their lifetimes as Pakistani men, according to research released today.
White women reported having more sexual partners than black women and black African men reported having an average of nine sexual partners, compared with white men who had six. Indian men reported having two lovers and Pakistani men had only one in their lifetimes.

Black men admitted having the highest incidence of sexually transmitted infections and a higher level of risky sexual behavior such as having unprotected intercourse and paying for sex.

White women have an average of five sexual partners, black Caribbean women have four, black African women have three and Indian and Pakistani women each had only one sexual partner.

The average male age for loss of virginity is 15 for black Caribbeans, 17 for whites and black Africans and 20 for Indians and Pakistanis.
Among women it is 17 for whites and black Caribbeans, 18 for black Africans, 21 for Indians and 22 for Pakistanis.
While trends may change over time, one thing that doesn't seem to change in surveys of sexual behavior is that men will over-report and women will under-report.

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