Nov 17, 2010

Chinese woman sexual habits

Chinese woman sexual habits

Most Chinese women are very easy to talk with about sex, but only after she is committed to you.
However many Chinese women are not satisfied with wedlock sexual intercourse, according to the result of a nationwide online poll released on Sunday.

54.2 percent of the female interviewees said sexual life played a significant role in marriage, but a quarter of women admitted they were discontented about the quality of sexual intercourse with their husbands.
Chinese women will softly like to talk about sexy, better if the man like a gentleman, so have some manners and tact.
Most will be embarrassed at first, but will begin to be more open an honest with you about more things than you can imagine.

According to the research conducted by Fudan University, of the five urban studies which reported sexual activity, the majority of women--from 54 percent in one study to 82 percent in another--said they had sex before marriage.
However, in the one rural study they analyzed, only 20 percent of the women said they had premarital sex. The research, therefore, suggests, the sexual revolution is changing Chinese people's perceptions and sexual habits. Since there seems to be a large modern, urban group of people who are sexually active before marriage, where are they accessing important information about contraception?

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