Nov 11, 2010

Breakfast in Spain and Portugal

Breakfast in Spain and Portugal

Probably the most common breakfast in Spain and Portugal is a roll with butter and jam and a cup of milk-rich coffee. Spain is the country responsible for bringing chocolate from the New World to Europe, and she reflects her culinary and colonial history in the fact that chocolate is a more common beverage for adults there than in other countries. One popular and indulgent breakfast combination is chocolate con churros; thick hot chocolate served with a sort of deep-fried tubular doughnut coated with cinnamon sugar. Aficionados dunk the churro into the chocolate before each bite.

In Catalan, olive country, bread is often served with olive oil instead of butter, and a favorite breakfast treat is pan con tomate, an ancestor of the American pizza. It is made by brushing a thick, crusty slice of grilled bread with olive oil, garlic, tomato, and (sometimes) topping it with a slice of ham. Fried eggs and omelets are also popular.

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