Nov 13, 2010

Breakfast in Southeast Asia

Breakfast in Southeast Asia

As in many parts of the East, there are usually no certain foods reserved for breakfast. Rice, curries, and noodle soups are popular morning foods, as are the plentiful and varied fresh fruits.

In Singapore, many choose a rice dish made with coconut milk and fish, nasi lemak. Thais eat a rice gruel similar to Chinese congee; this might be further enriched by stirring raw egg into the hot liquid so that it poaches. In the Philippines, Western style breakfasts are at least as common as the traditional fish and rice, reflecting their years as a Spanish colony. For the most part in Vietnam, people make their breakfasts out of the same soups and spicy dishes that are common at other meals. Outside of the cities, many workers eat xoi, sticky rice (sometimes mixed with peanuts or mung beans) steamed in a leaf wrapper.

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