Sep 3, 2010

Mystery of a man called Lady GaGa

Mystery of a man called Lady GaGa
The real secret behind wild rumors of Lady GaGa kind

Millions of people are asking the question is lady gaga a man or woman and the rumors are circulating to fuel the topic. Depending on which picture or video you see one could make an argument that she is a tranny.

Lady GaGa is actually a MAN

Lady GaGa  is the first person to crack the billion hits mark on the web, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been fighting the wild rumors of being a hermaphrodite or a cross-dresser for quite some time now

Lady Gaga Barbara Walters Interview Admits She Is Bisexual
But the persistence of an internet armed with a picture taken from a video at the Glastonbury Festival, plus an equally persistent "quote" attributed to the pop star, has morphed the entire controversy from Lady Gaga as hermaphrodite

Is Lady GaGa a man?

Lady GaGa probably started the rumor herself in a brilliant move and she is addressing the question herself on her latest "Monster Ball Worldwide Tour."
Otherwise Lady GaGa is fueling the fire with  pictures from her own website that leave virtually nothing to the imagination.

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