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Opel kadeet History Since

Opel kadeet History Since
 Opel kadett 1937
The Opel Kadett was a small family car built by the German Opel company between 1937 and 1940, then from 1962 to 1992. Production facilities of the pre-war Kadett were transported to Russia after WW II, and thus this early Kadett formed the basis for the Moskvitch 400/420. GM South Africa extended the Opel Kadett name until 1999.

The first Opel Kadett after the war appeared in October 1962; 649,512 cars were built until July 1965. It was later called the Kadett A. In addition to the sedan there was an L (luxury model), a coupé, and a station wagon  (called Caravan). The new Opel OHV engine was available as 1.0 with 40 hp and as 1.0 S with 48 hp. 
1965  was a common year starting on Friday . ...  A Ford Taurus, a recognizable sedan. ...  1995 Buick Riviera coupà 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC coupÃ, noted for its large, angular design A coupà (from the French for cut) or coupe is a car body style with a close-coupled interior offering either two seats or 2+2 seating (space for two passengers up front and for...  Estate car body style (Saab 95) A station wagon (United States usage), wagon (Australian usage, though station wagon is widely used) or estate car (United Kingdom usage) is a car body style similar to a sedan car but with an extended rear cargo area. ...  The Opel OHV family (also known as the Kadett engine after its most-famous application) is a pushrod straight-4 engine. ...

Kadett B

The Opel Kadett B was sold from 1966 to 1973, with two- and four-door sedans (the latter in notchback and, from 1967, also in fastback form), a three-door station wagon, and two coupés (regular and fastback, or Coupé F). One stand-out model from this generation was the Opel Kadett Rallye, with a 1.9 L engine. Also the two-seat Opel GT was heavily based on Kadett B components, its body made by a French contractor. 1966  was a common year starting on Saturday (the link is to a full 1966 calendar). ... 1973  was a common year starting on Monday. ... The Opel GT is a two-seat sports car introduced by Opel in 1968. ...
The Kadett was briefly sold in the United States through Buick dealers in the mid to late 1960s. US Kadetts were later granted the front end and trim of the new Opel Olympia, introduced in 1966 as an upscale-version of the Kadett. Kadett A and B were technically simple cars whose task was to compete with the market leader, VW´s Beetle. This lack of sophistication caused the US car magazine "Car & Driver" to publish an annihilating test of the Kadett in 1968 featuring photos of the car in a car junkyard. Reportedly, GM withdrew any ads from C/D for several months as a consequence. Buick is a brand of automobile built in the United States, Canada, and China by General Motors Corporation. ... The 1960s decade refers to the years from 1961 to 1970, inclusive. ...

Kadett C

The Kadett C appeared in 1973, and was Opel's version of GM's 'T-Car', also built in Japan by Isuzu and sold as the Isuzu Gemini in Asian markets and Australia and many other names. In South Korea, Daewoo Motors built a version known as the Daewoo Maepsy. The Kadett C formed the basis of the British Vauxhall Chevette, which had a restyled front end, and used a 1256cc OHV (over head valve) Vauxhall engine rather than the 1196cc OHV Opel engine. It was notable for the inclusion of a hatchback version named City-Kadett, based on the UK Vauxhall Chevette hatchback, which was a first for Opel. Although Kadett C production ended in 1979, the Chevette was produced until 1983. Interestingly, the Vauxhall Chevette was imported to Germany starting in 1979 to satisfy the needs of the rear wheel drive traditionalists and was quite a success for a year or two. The General Motors T-car was an automobile platform for subcompact cars. ... Isuzu Motors Ltd. ... The Isuzu Gemini was a compact car built by Isuzu and sold from 1974 through 2000. ... GM Daewoo Motors logo GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo or GMDAT) was first established as National Motor in 1937 in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea. ... The Chevette is a model of car manufactured by Vauxhall in the UK from 1975 to 1983. ... The Chevette is a model of car manufactured by Vauxhall in the UK from 1975 to 1983. ... This page refers to the year 1979. ... 1983  was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar. ...

The Kadett C today is a cult car in Germany, especially in fastback Coupe form. The most sought after versions of the Kadett C Coupe are the Rallye and GT/E models. These models were built first with the Bosch fuel injected 1897cc CIH (cam in head) Opel engine and followed by the updated 1998cc CIH engine. Right hand drive (UK) versions of these sports models are now rarely seen. The Robert Bosch GmbH is a German company which was started in 1886 by Robert Bosch. ...
A highly interesting and very rare version was the Aero-Kadett, an open-top Kadett with targa roll bar, detachable roof insert and a separate convertible top aft of the roll bar (like the contemporary Lancia Beta Spider (Lancia Zagato in the US). This car was built in very limited numbers by Karosserie Baur in Stuttgart.
The Kadett C reached America as the Buick–Opel. In reality, however, this was an Isuzu Gemini; an updated version of this car was marketed in the USA as the Isuzu I-Mark in the early Eighties.

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