Aug 25, 2010

The most famous taxi time line: London Taxi part 4

The most famous taxi time line: London Taxi part 4

During the Second World War the majority of younger cabmen were called up into the forces and production of new cabs ceased for the duration. The taxi trade was one area during the war where women did not take over a man’s role, as there was no time for the women to undergo the extensive ‘Knowledge of London’ topographical test that the men had completed. A large number of cabs, along with their drivers were requisitioned by the Auxiliary Fire Service to tow trailer pumps. However, the cabs were underpowered for the job and most were returned to the ranks, although some drivers remained in the AFS and served with much distinction. For the trade in general, the remaining cabmen had to drive cabs that were maintained to the best of their owners’ limited resources on severely rationed petrol in blacked-out, bomb-damaged streets. Although servicemen, including the Americans provided some extra work, the trade again went into decline.

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