Aug 21, 2010

Ford GP Pygmy The oldest surviving jeep

Ford GP Pygmy The oldest surviving jeep

This is the Ford GP "Pygmy" pilot model. It is the oldest surviving jeep tested by the US Army at Camp Holabird, MD.
This vehicle is on display at the Veterans Museum in Huntsville, Alabama.

The engine appears to be the original engine. Randy takes the view that it is what it is. Some clues about it's original may be in comparing it to a standard GP engine.

The serial number GP - NO 1 is marked on the radiator grille as well as the engine (see below).

In this view it looks like the distributor is missing if you are used to looking at a standard GP engine. That's because the pilot models distributor is down low on the block!

The arrow points to the distributor. Notice how low it is. Compare this to a standard GP engine. If you can find pictures of the Budd engine--not where that distributor is located. Hint: It's not low on the block.

Apparently, the pilot original did not have a serial number on the engine. This was added later in 1941. 

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