Aug 27, 2010

The Cheapest journey all over the

The Cheapest journey all over the

Less than 10 cent to have a big journey around Alexandria
This article contain also photos and videos included
Tram, which is the cheapest and almost the fastest transportation in Alexandria as nothing stops it.
It's the best choice if you are a tourist as it will show you the whole city it can take you almost every where
There are 2 types of trams blue and yellow one but blue one have 2 routes and yellow have one route but every tram number in yellow takes you to a different place.
But take care you cant take the tram when it's crowded because you will find students beating each other to be inside
The best about Tram that it have a fixed price and it's very very cheap.In the blue tram there is a car for women only

I love trams, and wherever I go, if there is one, I will always make it a point to use them. Alex was no exception - so with some friends, we took the tram from the Eastern Harbor near Sidi Gaber back to downtown. It was a sloooow ride  but I enjoyed the sights along the way, and the local flavor that went with them. It was cheap  too  25 piastres (their equivalent of cents) per person.

If you're not in a hurry, trams are a great way to see the sights from downtown area to the eastern side of the city
25 piasters for a short journey and riding on one is a great way just to see Alex's street life.

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