Nov 11, 2010

Beginning and nowadays of Victory motorcycle

Beginning and nowadays of Victory motorcycle

In 1995 Victory was setup by the American All Terrain Vehicle giant and snow mobile expert Polaris. So in essence Victory isn't a motorcycle brand by heart but more a sub division of Polaris specializing in motorcycles

The first model was a V-twin cruiser with about 1500cc of power. It launched in 1998 and was called the V92C. It wasn't a success and to say it lightly a specialist was need to boost things up a little.

Legendary Harley designer Arlen Ness was brought in to help design the new model called the Vegas. Which indeed has a typical Arlan Ness touch. The launch in 2003 was a success due to the much improved styling compared to the V92C Victory model. Also the V-twin engine had been refined which made the Vegas more pleasant to ride.

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