Nov 17, 2010

Beginning and nowadays of Aprilia motorcycle

Beginning and nowadays of Aprilia motorcycle

Aprilia was for a long time associated with small capacity bikes, which they developed with great success. A row of wins in the 125cc and 250cc racing events showed that Aprilia knew what it took to make a quality bike.

It was only in 1998 that Aprillia started to race a bigger engine (998cc) called the RSV Mille. The Mille was fast and huge competition for rivals like Ducati with the 916. The RSV Mille went into production and was fitted with efficient and quality parts. The RSV Mille managed to establish itself right from introduction which is a hard thing to do with a new model.

The RSV Mille also raced with success in the superbike championships. Aprilia cashed in on the success of the Mille and established a quality name as a super bike manufacturer. The RSV line was expanded with the Mille R, Falco, Tuono (a naked bike) and Futura.

Aprilia lead by Ivano Biaggi has bought Moto Guzzi and Laverda.

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