Nov 20, 2010

Mercedes-Benz SSK year1929

Only 40 Mercedes-Benz SSKs were ever built, all based on a shortened S chassis, with the SSK standing for Super Sport Kurz. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it has a supercharged, 6-cylinder, 7-liter engine producing between 200 and 300 hp. In 1929 the SSK was the fastest road car in the world, capable of over 130 mph. This particular SSK, with coachwork by Barker of London, was first owned by the Hon. Dorothy Paget, famed for financing Tim Birkin's 'Blower' Bentley team in 1929. While supporting the 4.5-liter Bentleys she herself drove this car. It was later owned by Briggs Cunningham, and then it was bought by Miles Collier in 1987.

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