Nov 14, 2010

Hats, Accessories, And Beachwear between 1935 and 1939

Swimwear for the ladies during this decade was fairly modest, but perhaps a little more revealing in contrast to other times in history. A basic swimsuit made during these times look much like the one-piece short tank outfits that are popular today.

A similar style of swimsuit during this time is the one that is made with an overskirt to help hide a bulging stomach and larger sized thighs. Some of the suits made in this era were two-pieced as well, and often accented with a wide beach hat or a bow around the waist.

Backs on women’s swimsuits were low during this decade. Suits were made from colors such as ivory, white, cream, grey, black, and buff. Sometimes they were accented with touches of red.

Hats during this time for women were either wide-brimmed, crowned, or of a sailor style. Smaller pert hats were also created during this period of time          

Also, between 1935 and 1939 the use of what is called a crochet “snood” and scarves were used. Most women used them to hold the back of the hair up.

The hats that men wore during this decade include this decade include a variety of different berets and top hats. One of the most famous male hat styles of these years is the “fedora” which is a hat made of a soft material (i.e. felt), dented lengthwise, and has a tapered rim. In later years (1940s) Humphrey Bogart wore a fedora in Casablanca.

The Invention Of The Zipper

What we know today as the zipper made more popular by a designer named Schiaparelli in the year 1933. It is not as sophisticated of a brand of zipper as what people know of and use today, but it became more universal than in times past.

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