Nov 11, 2010

Fashion and Clothes Prices 1920's

Fashion and Clothes Prices 1920's

During the 20's mens fashions became less stuffy and they tried to look more youthful but womens fashions changed much more drastically with women ( flapper style of clothing ) dressing in a way they felt comfortable with not to accentuate the feminine attributes but as a statement of who they were .

Fashion and Clothes Prices From The 1920's
Two of the fashions that are often associated with the 1920s are the cloche hat and the flapper dress. The cloche hat of the 1920s evolved from the wider-brimmed hats of the decade before, and continued to evolve up until the 1930s and beyond.

It is hard to describe the shape of the cloche hat in a few words, because of the fact that so many variations of it exist. However, the basic description of it is that it is a very snug-fit hat that was often worn tilted, covering the forehead, yet allowing room for vision. The hair was often cut short and styled flat to fit under these types of hats.

Cloches were often covered the ears as well, and even sometimes the ends of women’s short haircuts of the time. Often the flapper and the cloche were worn together, especially during the latter half of the 1920s.

The flapper “dress” per se was actually more of a representation of a total style than just the actual dress. However, one distinction of this type of dress was that it was basically a straight and loose style of dress.

Throughout the 1920s decade the length of the flapper dress varied a little. In the early 1920s the length of dresses and skirts were about calf length, with some a little longer and some a bit shorter.

From approximately the years 1926 to 1928 the hem lines of dresses were the shortest, and this is what most people remember when they talk of the 1920s flapper dress. During this short period of time dress hem lines where up to the knees (approximately).

During part of this decade the waist line of dresses dropped to the hip to promote more of a “boyish” look. However, by the early 1930s the waist line of dresses rose back up to its normal waist line position.

Beyond The Cloche And Flapper

The 1920s decade was more than just the cloche and the flapper. In fact, this is the era during which more casual clothing was introduced to the public. For instance, women began to wear pants more often.

Certain styles of women’s shoes designed were unique to this decade as well. One of the most remarkable of this decade’s shoe styles was the ankle strap button shoe. The T-bar shoe was also popular, along with shoe trimmings of sequins or similar materials.

The men of the 1920s era began to abandon formal wear as well. Full suits with long suit jackets were still worn for special events, but more often they began to wear the higher-waisted ones.

Mens Clothing Fashions From The 20s

Men’s suit Lapels where not very wide during the 1920s, which was a trend that was started during World War I (1914 to 1918). This is also the era in which men began to wear cuffed trousers.

Flannel also became increasingly popular, and so did two-toned white and tan or white and black shoes for casual wear. Some of the casual shoes that were worn by men were made with fringed tongues, and/or winged tips.

The black patented leather shoes were still worn for more formal dress. However, the lace-up styled shoe was becoming more and more popular for men.

Additionally, both men and boys often wore short knee pants (knickers) along with sweaters (i.e. Fair Isle slipovers) or casual shirts. Moreover, the shoes that boys wore usually were made of canvas.

One other fashion change that was significant of the 1920s is the fact that baby clothing were designed to be more practical. More comfortable outfits such as rompers and short dresses replaced the frilly laced dresses and other formal baby attire.

For older girls, dress was different as well. They usually were seen wearing items such as cotton frocks, cardigan sweaters, and canvas shoes or sandals.

Mens Clothing Suits (Pre-War) $30.00 New York 1920

Mens Clothing Suits (Post War)$50.00 New York 1920

Silk Lined Suit (Hart Shaffner & Marx) $50 (Sale Price) New York 1920

Boy’s and Girls’ Ribbed Cotton Stockings 35¢ Wisconsin 1921

Girls Bob Evens Middy Blouses $2.75 Wisconsin 1921

Boys Cotton Sweaters 95¢ Wisconsin 1921

Wool Sweaters or Coats $1.98 Wisconsin 1921

Girls’ Serge Dresses (Wood Peter Tom Dresses, Navy, Braid Trimmed) $4.75 Wisconsin 1921

Zepher Yarn Sweaters $5.98 Wisconsin 1921

Children’s All Wool Sweaters $4.98 Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Black Sateen Bloomers 48¢ Wisconsin 1921

Ladies Wool Flannel Robes $3.95 Nebraska 1934

Children’s Union Suits 98¢ Wisconsin 1921

Childrn’s Union Suits 1.25¢ Wisconsin 1921

Boy’s Heavy Fleece Lined Underwear 98¢ Wisconsin 1921

Boys’ Part Wool Ribbed Untion Stuts $1.98 Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Vests and Pants 68¢ Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Black Cat School Stockings (Heavy Ribbed Cotton) 25¢ Wisconsin 1921

Boys Wool Tweed Two-Pants Suits $7.45 to $7.95 Wisconsin 1921

Boys’ Right-Posture Suits $12.98 to $16.50 Wisconsin 1921

Two-Piece Pant Navy Serge Pant Suits $8.95 Wisconsin 1921

Tweed Knickers (for 8 to 18 yrs.) $1.55 Wisconsin 1921

Boys’ Blouses (Various materials and styles) 69 ¢ and 98 ¢ Wisconsin 1921

Boys’ Knickers $1.48, $2.48, and $2.98 Wisconsin 1921

Velvet and Serge Suits (Oliver Twist and Middy Styles) $3.50, $5.00, and $5.95 Wisconsin 1921

Boys’ Shoes Dark Brown, Double-Wear Soled English Walker, Various Sizes From $2.65, Wisconsin 1921

Girls’ Calf Skin Shoes (Various Sizes) From $1.45, Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Pantyhose (Fine Combed Egyptian Yarn) 25¢ Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Hats $2.95 Wisconsin 1921

Children’s All Wool Sweaters $1.98 Wisconsin 1921

Girls’ Pure Worsted Zephyer Sweaters $4.98 Wisconsin 1921

Children’s Black Sateen Bloomers 48¢ Wisconsin 1921

Fall Coats (Ravena, Velour, Polyanna, and other fabrics $29.75 Wisconsin 1921

Women’s Tight Fleeced Union Suits 98¢ Wisconsin 1921

Women’s Sateen Bloomers (Double Sewn)       98¢ Wisconsin 1921

Women’s Wool Skirts $7.50 to $22.50 Wisconsin 1921

Men’s Fall Suits $27.50 to $48.00 Wisconsin 1921

Men’s Dress Shoes (Dark Brown Mahogany Calf Goodyear, Welt Sewed) $4.85 Wisconsin 1921

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