Apr 22, 2011

Watch online Marilyn Monroe's funeral

Watch online Marilyn Monroe's funeral

Marilyn Monroe's funeral took place at 1:00pm on August 8, 1962, at the Westwood Village Mortuary Chapel on the grounds of the Westwood Memorial Cemetery. It was a very private service conducted by Reverend A. J. Soldan, a Lutheran minister from the Village Church of Westwood. Readings were made of Psalm 23, chapter 14 of the Book of John, and excerpts from Pslams 46 adn 139. 

Marilyn Monroe Funeral by heshamyounes

The Lord's Prayer was also read. The somber occasion began with the stains of Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony, and included, at Marilyn's request, Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow". Lee Strasber delivered the eulogy, though only after DiMaggio's first choice, Carl Sandburg, was forced to decline due to ill-health.

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