Mar 1, 2011

The Most 10 famous stadiums over the world

10/San Siro / Giuseppe Meazza Stadium

The  San Siro Stadium name is inspired from San Siro district in Milano, Italy. This arena hosts both European champions AC Milan and their main rivals Internazionale. The stadium is called depending on which of the two sides is expected to play home. Thus, the stadium is called San Siro when AC Milan is the one who plays home, and Giuseppe Meazza when Inter faces visitors.

The name of Giuseppe Meazza comes from Inter’s World cup winner in 1934 and 1938, the player serving AC Milan, too but not for long. However, the stadium is owned by Milano Municipality and has a capacity of more than 80,000 seats. It was inaugurated in 1926, the pitch measuring 105 meters length and 68 meters width. One of the most important matches the stadium hosted was 1956’s confrontation between Italy and Brazil, game that finished 3-0 to Italy, victory which was celebrated in front of 100,000 spectators. The capacity was reduced with 20,000 seats after the Heysel Stadium disaster in the mid 80s.

9/Amsterdam Arena

The Dutch arena is the place where Holland’s and European champions Ajax Amsterdam activates. The stadium belongs to Gemeente Amsterdam and is one of the newest stadiums in Europe.

Amsterdam Arena was built between 1993-1996 and cost almost 140 million euros, being officially inaugurated on August 14 1996. Just like almost every big stadium, this one hosts vary events, including concerts or other sport games. The capacity of the arena is of 51,000 seats, being in the same time featured with a retractable roof. It measures 105 meters length and 68 width.

8/Stade de France

Situated in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis,  Stade de France is one of the well-known arenas world-wide. Built in 1995, the French stadium hosted plenty of soccer finals and music concerts. Thus, Stade de France was the place where 1998 World Cup and 2007 Rugby World Cup finals took place.

In this way, the French stadium became the only one in the world to host two such events. Meanwhile, artists like Madonna, Rolling Stones, George Michael and U2 had concerts here. The stadium has a 80,000 seat-capacity and measures 105 meters length and 70 meters width. The owner of the stadium is the Consortium Stade de France.

7/International Yokohama Stadium

The retractable-roof Yokohama Stadium was built in 1998 and hosted 2002 World Cup final between Brazil and Germany, year when the big event took place in both Japan and South Korea. The capacity of the stadium is of 72,000 seats, being the biggest stadium in Japan on its seating capacity, and is the home of Yokohama F Marinos of the Japanese League.

It is also owned by Yokohama City which invested more than 60 billion yen in order to build it twelve years ago. Finally, Nissan Motors are expected to renew their contract for the name rights of the stadium. It hosted in the same time FIFA’s Club World Cup.

6/Camp Nou

The Catalan stadium is the home of the most successful soccer teams in the recent years, FC Barcelona. Situated in the west part of the city,  Camp Nou is not only the largest one in Spain, but also in Europe. Its capacity reaches 98,000 seats and measures 105 meters length and 68 meters width.

The 12th largest in the world stadium was built between 1954-1957 and gathers every week tens of thousands of Catalan fans. The Camp Nou stadium is owned by FC Barcelona, but does not have a retractable roof.

5/ Joao Havelange Stadium

The Brazilian Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange is all about design. Situated in Rio de Janeiro, this is the home of Botafogo soccer team, being able to gather more than 46,000 people. They are working to increase the capacity to 60,000 seats.

Being built between 2003-2007, the stadium hosts not only soccer games, but also athletics events. Its name comes from Joao Havelange, who was FIFA’s president from 1974 to 1998. This is the place where the 2016 Summer Olympics will take place.

4/Wembley Stadium

Built on the site of the previous 1923, the ‘new’ Wembley Stadium was modernized in 2006 as plenty of changes had been imposed at the moment. Located in London, England, the stadium has a 90,000 seat-capacity, measuring 105 meters length and 69 width.

This is the place where the next year’s UEFA Champions League final takes place. The name comes from Wembley Park, zone which is in the Londo Borough of Brent. This is also the second largest stadium in Europe, behind Camp Nou.

3/Moses Mabhida Stadium

Just like in Joao Havelange case, the South African stadium of Moses Mabhida is the place where the 2010 World Cup tournament took place. It hosted seven games, including the round of 16 and semi final between Germany and Spain.

The stadium, which has a 62,700 capacity, gathered more than 62,000 during group’s D game between the same Germany and Australia. Its name comes from a former general secretary of the South African Communist Party, being owned by Durban Metropolitan UniCity.

2/Veltins Arena

Home of German’s soccer club Shalke04, Veltins Arena is all about design, technology and, why not, capacity. In one word, a high-quality stadium. Located in Gelsenkirchen, this arena was built just nine years ago and it already hosts Speedway Grand Prix, ice hockey games, concerts and many vary events.

Veltins has a 61,000 capacity and is featured with a retractable roof. The owner of the stadium is Shalke04, the club investing almost 200 million dollars in its construction. However, its record attendance was of 77,000 people that took place this year at the IIHF World Championship Opening Game.

1/Allianz Arena

This is likely the most sensational stadium in the world. Built in 2002 with 340 million euros, this German fortune, which is situated in Munich, land of Bavaria, is all what design and technology could bring together. Although it isn’t featured with a retractable roof, Bayern Munich’s home covers a large area of seats, except the pitch.

The owner of the stadium is Allianz Arena Munchen Stadion GmbH. Its capacity is of 66,000 seats and measures 105 meters length and 69 width. During the 2006 World Cup tournament, the stadium was fully occupied.

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