Feb 4, 2011

video of One of the Pro-Mubarak Demonstration Speaks :government gave me 50 pounds to attack Egyptians protests in Tahrir Square

His name is Ahmed Fayez, he said that two individuals went to his neighborhood on 1 Feb 2911 and introduced themselves as National Democratic Party working with Dr.Fathy Serour, President of People Assembly, and started distributing money on the people to join the demonstration and chant for Mubarak and they asked Fayez and others to be in Tahrir Square..

Fayez mentioned that people who went with him had weapons and molotov to be used against the the anti-mubarak demonstration in Tahrir Square.

TRANSLATION CONT: Q: What are the names of those in the NDP Mohammed Saber and Kofta ElFawwal Q: Those are the ones who gave you the money? No.. these were marching from the doctor (Fathy Sorour, head of parliament) Q: The people who gave you the money, how do you know them? I don't know them, they just collect people to go to Tahrir Squar Q: How old are you? 22 years Q: What is your job? Electrian Q: How much did the others take? I didn't see.. I only took 50 pounds

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