Feb 11, 2011

US and the UK are behind the uprising in Egypt

The US government had been planning to topple the Egyptian President for the past three years -- that is according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.
The files show Washington had secretly been backing leading figures behind the uprising, which has seen more than one hundred people killed and over 2,000 injured since it began on Tuesday.

Analysts have pointed fingers at the US, accusing it of trying to change the politics of Egypt's regime.
"It's obvious that the US and the UK are behind the recent events in Africa," said Nikolay Starikov, an author and publisher. "We all know that a major transport oil artery is running through Egypt. The US only benefits from high oil prices, as all global gas and oil trade is carried out in dollars. Thus, the dollar demand is only growing. I don't believe in spontaneous revolutions -- when hundreds of thousands, millions of people come out onto the streets at the same time, taking into account there's been no serious or immediate change to their standards of living."

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