Feb 12, 2011

85 millions Ghandi made the most wonderful revolution in Egypt

No more torture, no more political prisoners and no more blood … this is the Egypt revolution when Christian people and Muslim people challenged police tanks together without any weapon expect their soul and wishes to change Egypt one time and forever
I was with them in Tahrir square and joined secret party since 8 month ago; we had a wonderful dream against monster regime and some of us said its no way to success because of the Mubarak regime have every thing in its hand: weapons, brutal police, very good relation with many big countries like united states of America and all supports Mubarak regime but in other hand we accept the challenge because we believed that to be alive under this regime worst than did with owner

First we face a most brutal police you can ever seen armed with tear gas bomb, water gun and at the end they attacked us with machine guns and killed more than 400 protests some of them their age between 10/15 years and injured 5000 protests so they attacked us with sword and camels in Tahrir square but at the end we face it in peace acts like Ghandi
At the end it was 85 millions Ghandi in Egypt dying and injured for one thing: freedom
Now we are free and going towards full democracy life and hope our revolution help more Arab and Muslim nations to be more peace and freedom
Thanks for all who support us all over the world and best wishes for all nations to be free of fair and dictator regimes                          

A vehicle plows through dozens of protesters at very high speed and the chaos that erupts afterwards is absolutely incredible

protester being shot dead right in the middle of the street

the incredible chaos that erupted when a group of pro-Mubarak thugs riding

Dead bodies of Egyptian protests

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