Aug 22, 2010

Kind of Taxi around the world

Kind of Taxi around the world

Mexico City

Until recently, the standard taxi in Mexico City was the VW Beetle. ‘nuff said.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong uses the Toyota comfort as a taxi. Durable, functional and powered with an LPG engine. Boring.


Tokyo seems to be coming to the realization that a better quality automobile is needed for a Taxi, and after years of using the Toyota Comfort is now moving towards the Toyota Crown. Far more luxurious.

New York

The ubiquitous New York Taxi cab. Figures differ, but there are somewhere around 13,000 of these in and around New York City. Luxury hardly comes into the equation, and these are functional rather than luxurious.


The use of Hackney Carriages goes back to the days of Oliver Cromwell, and once again, functionality rather than luxury is the order of the day.

Western Europe

It often comes as a surprise to American visitors to Western Europe, that many of the Taxis are Mercedes and Audis. Unfortunately, these are often bare-bones, specifically built to be used as a taxi. Whilst more comfortable than their UK and US counterparts, they still don’t manage to be luxurious.


Porsche Cayenne and Maybach. Now we’re talking. The new Russia is all about “flaunt it if you’ve got it.” Look out London and New York, there’s a new Capital City in town. These photos were shot recently on the streets of Moscow and prove Moscow has what it takes. Bling, I believe they call it

Other wise this is a little selection of photos which shows the different types of taxi vehicles around the world

Now this is some amazing taxi you might never meet

Havana  Cuba

Puno  Peru

Goa  India

Hanoi  Vietnam

Maputo  Mozambique

Bangkok  Thailand

Nanjing  China

New York City  United States

Djoudj National Park  Senegal

Berlin  Germany

Muang Sing  Laos

Jaen  Peru

Another from Berlin  Germany

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