Nov 18, 2010

Beginning and nowadays of Buell motorcycle

Beginning and nowadays of Buell motorcycle

It all started with the RR1000 built by Erik Buell who was a Harley engineer and racer. He raced his RR1000 with success in the 1980s. The RR was followed by the RS1200 in 1989 which had more of a street roadster look. All the bikes had been built around a Harley sportser engine.

Buell was very clever with the (re)design of Harley engines to street style bikes. The Buell bikes didn't go unnoticed by the Harley Davidson factory which bought a controlling part of Buell by 1993 - 1995.

Having the big giant Harley Davidson involved more opportunity was developed for new Buell designs which lead to the Firebolt XB9R and the Lighting XB9R. These incorporate many high tech features into the design, for which Erik Buell is known.

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