Nov 19, 2010

Peugeot at 1894

Peugeot 1894

While the type 3 had been the only mass produced model since 1891 (64 vehicles in 3 years), 1894 saw the emergence of the first Peugeot range: quadricycle, vis-à-vis, victoria, phaéton and break made up this range. The phaéton was a type 6, but was restricted by its low power compared to its weight (650 kilos). It was therefore replaced during the course of the year by the type 7, who exchanged the 565 cc engine in favour of a more powerful Daimler V-twin, with a displacement of 1282 cc. As regards the rest of the vehicle, it was essentially the same as the type 6. 25 type 7s were built up to 1897.

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