Nov 11, 2010

Invention of the cars

Invention of the cars

The birth of the car as we know it today occurred over a period of years. It was only in 1885 that the first real car rolled down on to the streets. The earlier attempts, though successful, were steam powered road-vehicles.

The first self-propelled car was built by Nicolas Cugnot in 1769 which could attain speeds of up to 6 km/hour. In 1771 he again designed another steam-driven engine which ran so fast that it rammed into a wall, recording the world’s first accident.

In 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the first internal combustion engine. This was subsequently used by him to develop the world’s first vehicle to run on such an engine, one that used a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy.

This spawned the birth of a number of designs based on the internal combustion engine in the early nineteenth century with little or no degree of commercial success. In 1860 there after, Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir built the first successful two-stroke gas driven engine. In 1862 he again built an experimental vehicle driven by his gas-engine, which ran at a speed of 3 kms/hour. These cars became popular and by 1865 could be frequently espied on the roads.

steam-driven engine - silnik parowy
to ram – taranować
internal combustion engine – silnik o spalaniu wewnetrznym
subsequently – później
to spawn – zapoczątkować
two-stroke - dwusuwowy

How did people move when there were no cars?

Human beings have been constructing roadways for over six thousand years.

Travelling on horseback

People were moving on foot,but it wasn’t a good means of transport for long distances.
The best way to move in ancient centuries was travelling on horseback.

Horses were able to carry heavy loads for hours.
In the 19th century, there was no match for the horse for swift travel and communications.

Early roadways carried pedestrians, hoofed animals, and simple wheeled vehicles such as

on horseback - na koniu
means of transport – środek transportu
load – ładunek
swift – szybki
pedestrian – pieszy
hoofed animals – zwierzęta kopytne
vehicle – pojazd
wagon – wóz

                                                                                                                                 First wheels
Chariots and wagons.

Chariots were one of the wheeled vehicles that the human invented. Wheels helped transporting people instead of walking everywhere.

This was helpful, expecially in taking royal people to different places. Since wheels roll they are easy to pull and so, the people decided to attach them to vehicles.
The modern automobile, comes from a long list of ancestors.The car of the future will be more economical and safe.Today we can’t imagine life without the basic means of transport.Cars are everywhere and I thing that it will be very difficult to invent a vehicle which could repleace automobile.

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